About us

We are a team of maxillofacial surgeons and dentists super-specialized in the complete care, treatment and surgery of your face.

Our mission is to help people that want to improve some aspect of their face, and in M4Faces they will find the best version of themselves.

Our treatments span from the initial skincare and prevention of signs traditionally associated with aging, to procedures and surgeries that correct any anti-aesthetic feature of the face: eyelid surgery to improve the appearance of your eyes, a nose job to improve your facial profile, dental implants to improve your smile, or an orthognathic surgery to achieve the facial structure that you want.

Each case, each person and each face is unique.

We are drovem by…

Professionalism, transparency and the importance of being cutting edge. We strive to use state-of-the-art techniques and surgeries.

the team

Ignacio García Recuero

Maxillofacial, Craneofacial
and Facial Reconstructive

Victor Zafra Vallejo

Maxillofacial surgeon
. Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine.

Philip J. Brabyn

Maxillofacial surgeon
Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine.

Agustín Soria Tristán

Specialist in Prosthodontics and
Endodontic Treatment

Tamara García Jiménez

Maxillofacial surgeon
Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine.